How to Convert Videos from BiliBili to MP3 Online Free
November 30, 2021

How to Convert Videos from BiliBili to MP3 Online Free

For many years now, files in MP3 format have become part of our lives to enjoy music on our devices. This standard has gradually grown to become the most widely used type of file at present. Bilibili offers a surprising variety of material, 70 percent of it user-generated, including quirky personal videos, amateur commentary on lifestyle, technology, beauty, fashion and entertainment, games, and of course, Japanese anime series. But unfortunately, Bilibili doesn’t provide any official way to download videos in MP3. In that case, we need to use a Bilibili to MP3 converter. Today, we will discuss the best tool that you can do to convert Bilibili video to MP3 online.

How to Convert Bilibili Video to MP3 Online using YTMP3?

Free Online Bilibili to MP3 Converter

Without a doubt, YTMP3 is one of the best Bilibili to MP3 converters online. Like most websites of this type, we have to paste the video link in question in the search box and click the Download button to start carrying out the conversion process. The great advantage of YTMP3 compared to other websites is that we can choose the format to download either MP4. MP3 or HD qualities. YTMP3 converter for the MP3 format is straightforward to use and allows you to bring the audio of your videos to offline devices without requiring an internet connection.

Downloading steps

Step 01: Get the Bilibili video link

First, you need to search for a Bilibili video that you would want to download.  Once you find that, you can select the link using CTRL+L on the computer and later press CTRL+C to copy it.

Step 02: Open YTMP3

Now go to the YTMP3 website using your browser. Once you navigate there, you can find a search bar with a download button.

Step 03: Paste the Bilibili link

After that, paste the copied link in the search box and click on the Download button to start analyzing the link pasted. Once the analysis completes, you can find the downloadable formats in the form of buttons.

Step 04: Download the MP3 format

You can finally click on the Download MP3 button to start downloading the MP3 version of the video. If you want to provide a different download location, you can give it when a window pops up after clicking the Download MP3 button. After the download completes, you can find all your Bilibili MP3 in the download location.

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